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Bios for: Kevin R. Harris, Ph.D. | Lauren S. Tashman, Ph.D.

Kevin R. Harris and Lauren S. Tashman have been colleagues and friends for more than 15 years. They first connected in their doctoral programs collaborating on research in expert performance at Florida State University. Even as their careers took them in different directions, both professionally and geographically, they have remained close friends and confidants, and are thrilled to welcome you to The Path Distilled.

Kevin R. Harris, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin R. Harris is an award-winning cognitive science researcher, professor, speaker, and occasional stand-up comedian. Kevin is a globally recognized expertise researcher with more than forty academic publications and presentations to date, including a chapter in the prestigious Oxford Handbook of Expertise. This line of research has been cited in more than a dozen languages and featured in multiple media outlets including NPR, Slate and Time. 

Kevin earned his Ph.D. at Florida State University under the guidance of K. Anders Ericsson, whose work has penetrated popular culture and is widely considered one of the world’s best known “expert on experts.”

Lauren S. Tashman, Ph.D.

Dr. Lauren S. Tashman, CMPC, is a mental performance coach based in New York City but with a worldwide reach. She uses her multifaceted background to help clients learn to leverage and train their minds, lead effectively, and create high performance cultures. She works with clients in sport, the performing arts, business, healthcare, and technology through her consulting practice, Align Performance LLC, partnerships with organizations such as Golf & Body NYC, and as a Master Coach with Valor Performance.

Lauren was a world-class competitor in equestrian showjumping with more than 10 years of experience and Olympic aspirations. After a series of falls the summer before her freshman year of college rocked her previously unshakeable confidence and passion for riding, she believed her riding career to be over. However, she found a new passion--for psychology and learning about people and the mind. Eventually healing, she found a way to pursue riding again for a few more years. Pursuing both her studies and riding, she piqued the interest of a professor who guided her to the field of sport psychology, and a new career path and dream were born where she could combine her loves for performance and the mind-body connection.

She earned both her master's and Ph.D. at Florida State University in Educational Psychology with a major in Sport Psychology. While pursuing her doctorate, she had the immense fortune to study expert performance under the direction of K. Anders Ericsson, Paul Ward, and David Eccles where she met and worked with podcast partner and colleague, Kevin. This experience had a tremendous impact on her career, her philosophy and her approach to coaching, and now has led to this opportunity of exploring success and what's underneath that iceberg illusion that enables people and teams to achieve high performance and greatness.