About This Podcast

Welcome to the website of The Path Distilled podcast (see hosts’ bios). We are so happy that you have decided to check us out. Our goals for the podcast are to entertain, inform, and inspire you. We will be talking with the world’s best performers and leaders–athletes, artists, coaches, CEOs, scientists, and thought leaders.

We initially will be releasing two full interview podcasts per month. Our format will get each guest’s thoughts on at least 10 questions–each designed to provide a window into the path that each guest took to reach the level of success that they have obtained.

You likely will be aware of the noted successes of each featured performer. However, The Path Distilled will provide a forum for us to dig deeper… To learn about the millionth tennis ball hit per year, having been hit for the sixteenth year. The missed social events and the exhilaration of surpassing all but the most capable in the world. To learn how even the best performers in the world often have wondered, and maybe still do, if they have what it takes to make it. In other words, we will share what is less known and often overlooked or under emphasized–the dedication and implemented strategies underlying the observed success of the performer, as well as the impact of their failures along the way.

The logo for The Path Distilled reflects this approach. The center of the drop depicts an iceberg for which the “tip of the iceberg” is visible above the water. This is the part that we all see: the success and possibly some limited comments on how hard someone worked or trained. On The Path Distilled, we will also dive below the surface to uncover the part of the metaphorical iceberg that is generally not seen…

The early and current activities designed to improve or maintain performance. The steps taken by the performer along the way. The guidance available to the performer. How and when the performer decided to go “all in.” If the performer felt different from their peers. If they ever feel like they were overmatched or a fraud. The border is shaped like a drop to symbolize that, with our research and The Path Distilled interviews, we are attempting to distill the years, possibly decades, of the performer’s success into actionable steps (not to mention to fit within the time limits of a podcast format).