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The Path Distilled features conversations with the world’s best performers and leaders, such as athletes, artists, coaches, CEOs, scientists, and thought leaders. The podcast features both an exploration of the shared human experience of striving for success and usable strategies for the aspirational listener. The result is a wildly entertaining and enlightening insight into the lives, stories, and minds of high performers. Meet the hosts.


Stephanie Quayle, Grand Ole Opry Member
Country Music Recording Artist

When you think about giving up, do you stay focused on yourself or get slowed down by focusing on the people passing you? In this episode, Stephanie shares her path from growing up on a ranch in Montana to the Grand Ole Opry stage. She shares what Nashville has taught her about the craft of songwriting, what helped her persevere through difficult times, and her refusal to change to fit the mold. This episode is full of great advice, and you will never look at mile 19 of a marathon the same way again.
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Brendon Peel, Mentalist/Magician and
Star on Travel Channel’s Magic Caught on Camera

Would you have had the confidence when you were 18 years old to organize and perform a show at the largest and best known festival in the country? In this episode Brendon shares how he was mesmerized seeing mentalists perform at a very young age, subsequently began putting in hours improving his own skills, and ultimately became the youngest ticketed magician in the history of South Africa. His path includes a decade of tirelessly promoting his shows, to his ever growing number of live shows and television appearances on Britain’s Got Talent and the Travel Channel’s Magic Caught on Camera.
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Bonus Analysis Episode: August 5
In our second analysis episode in which the hosts, Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman, reflect on their conversation with Brendon Peel. Highlights include Brendon and other guests mentioning that the desire to take these difficult paths could be an inborn component, how difficult it is to find added value in an experience when you don’t know what you are hoping to accomplish, and how success is often not without detours and can require a multi-faceted approach.

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Gordon Domnick, Lead Singer, Ripe & Ruin

Gordon Domnick (center) is lead singer for the band Ripe & Ruin (photo: Tino Rieger)

Would you feel a sense of freedom if you thought things could not get any worse? In this episode, Gordon discusses his path in music from a self-described group of teens making noise to a very successful global band. He shares with us the range of emotions he experienced hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time, his take on the perpetual struggle between creating art and making a living from it, and his perspective on the drive necessary to continue in the competitive world of music. Gordon has excellent advice for everyone, including aspiring musicians, artists, and performers alike.
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JuLY 19
TPD Developing High Performers Series

Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin, Co-Author, Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome; Psychologist; Executive Coach; and Speaker Content Author
BONUS EPISODE: Our first host analysis

Do you own your accomplishments or worry you will be exposed as an impostor? In this episode, Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin speaks with us about her own experiences with impostor syndrome, the factors that make impostor syndrome more likely, how common it is, and how finding your own voice will be messy. You will also want to listen to hear her advice on how to move toward owning your greatness as well as check out her TEDx talk and book. Learn more about Dr. Orbé-Austin:
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