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The Path Distilled features conversations with the world’s best performers and leaders, such as athletes, artists, coaches, CEOs, scientists, and thought leaders. The podcast features both an exploration of the shared human experience of striving for success and usable strategies for the aspirational listener. The result is a wildly entertaining and enlightening insight into the lives, stories, and minds of high performers. Meet the hosts.

UPCOMING Episode | JuLY 5

Alycia Powell, Co-Founder, Champions for Philanthropy

If you realized you weren’t passionate about a goal you already started pursuing, would you keep going or quit? In this episode, we speak with Alycia Powell, Co-Founder of Champions for Philanthropy, a consulting agency that helps professional athletes build, launch, manage, and promote their philanthropic interests and goals. Alycia takes us on her journey, starting with pursuit at an early age of a career in law, to the decision to co-found a company and make the leap to pursue that full-time, to now-where she shares what she’s learning about herself during the pandemic. Learn more about Champions for Philanthropy: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

LATEST Episode | June 28
TPD Developing High PerFOrmers Series

Bryce Tully, Mental Performance Coach for Canadian
Olympic Teams, and Mike Bawol, Performance Analyst,
Co-Founders of Innerlogic

What differentiates those who succeed once versus those who are serial winners? In this episode of the TPD High Performers Series, we speak with Bryce Tully and Mike Bawol, who both work in Canada at the highest level of sport. Listen to our conversation with them as they share stories about their own paths and what they’ve learned about themselves and high performance along the way, explore team culture and the role it plays in performance, and discuss their new venture Innerlogic, a tool aimed at helping companies and organizations monitor and measure culture in real-time to predict performance and utilize the data to make impactful and intentional adjustments to drive success.
Learn more about our guests: Mike Twitter, Bryce Twitter
Learn more about Innerlogic: Twitter, Website

PREVIOUS Episode | June 21

Garrett Jacobs, Country Recording Artist

If a door opened would you walk through it? In this episode we speak with Garrett Jacobs, who ended up writing his first single the first time he visited Nashville. Garrett’s approach to his songs is to create a connection with the listener, allowing the song to be whatever is needed in their own life.  Listen to discover how hearing Chris Stapleton for the first time
changed Garrett’s life, how he has matured as a songwriter since
arriving in Nashville, and to hear him share his father’s four keys
to success that have guided him along his own path.
Learn more about Garrett: Instagram

June 14

Desiree Page, Founder of 318 Management,
Actress, and Model

Do you recognize opportunity when it presents itself? In this episode we speak to Desiree, Founder of 318 Management. Desiree’s story takes us on her journey of founding her management company armed with over a decade of experience as an actress, setting goals with her drive to always be moving forward, and her advice for anyone wondering if they should make a change in their own life. You will also want to listen to find out what happens when she is antiquing as a child and happens upon the actress Sandra Bullock. Learn more about Desiree: Instagram
318 Management Instagram

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