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The Path Distilled features conversations with the world’s best performers and leaders, such as athletes, artists, coaches, CEOs, scientists, and thought leaders. The podcast features both an exploration of the shared human experience of striving for success and usable strategies for the aspirational listener. The result is a wildly entertaining and enlightening insight into the lives, stories, and minds of high performers. Meet the hosts.


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AB Eastwood, Music Producer

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Does a “no” mean you should stop pursuing your goals? Kevin and Lauren chat with AB Eastwood about his path in music production from meeting music legends after being invited to the White House to being an in demand producer. AB shares what it was like producing for well known artists before he owned his own laptop, the importance of learning one’s craft, and the reality of the music industry. He also discusses some of the lessons he learned along the way and how he felt when the national attention started coming his way. Learn more about AB: Instagram, Twitter


Cody Byrns, Author, Speaker, & Nonprofit Founder

Do you celebrate lessons learned during the hard times? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren chat with bestselling author and speaker Cody Byrns about the impact that a horrific near fatal car crash had on his path. He shares the importance of mindset when facing long odds, appreciating small victories, and recognizing that you can’t change the past. Cody also emphasizes the healing power of empowering others and the similarities between physical and emotional scars.
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MAR 21

Tyler Lee Frush, Musician

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Do you define your success then go for it? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren chat with musician Tyler Lee Frush about his path navigating the music industry from idolizing Johnny Cash and Eddie Van Halen to releasing his own music. He shares the impact that feeling emotion from a song had on his songwriting, the difference between the goals of wanting to be a musician versus wanting to be famous, and giving the listener the opportunity to have their own meaning of a song. Tyler also discusses the importance of taking the gigs that no one else will do when getting started and the freedom that gives you to get over the early performance mistakes. 
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Bonus Debrief & Analysis – Mar 24
Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with musician Tyler Lee Frush. Highlights include their discussion of external and internal sources of motivational resources, the need for a dialogue on the best use of goal setting, and how much of what determines a musician’s success is beyond their control. They also discuss whether experiencing failure is more advantageous when it  occurs before or after experiencing some success.

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