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The Path Distilled features conversations with the world’s best performers and leaders, such as athletes, artists, coaches, CEOs, scientists, and thought leaders. The podcast features both an exploration of the shared human experience of striving for success and usable strategies for the aspirational listener. The result is a wildly entertaining and enlightening insight into the lives, stories, and minds of high performers. Meet the hosts.

Latest Episode | May 31

Chris Killian, Actor, Comedian, and
Host of the Daily Distraction on ComicBook.com

If your brief stint as a professional wrestler were stalled by being 5’ 8’’, would you consider a career as a stand-up comic? In this episode we speak to Chris Killian, a multi-faceted performer with a fascinating story. Listen as he tells us about facing the proverbial fork in the road when he had to decide to make the leap to being a professional comedian, his drive and singular focus once he made the decision, learning his craft by observing the best comedians on stage, and not taking “no” as an answer.
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Previous Episode | May 24

Logan Mize, Country Music Recording Artist

If you had been rejected five times by everyone in the music industry, would you reach out for a sixth time? In this episode we talk with Logan Mize, a successful recording and touring artist. Logan’s story takes us from his arrival in Nashville with his truck and $60 in his pocket, to facing rejection before landing a deal with a major label, and finally finding success on his own terms. Logan’s episode is packed full of life advice for everyone pursuing their own goals.  Learn more about Logan:  Instagram

May 10 | TPD Developing High Performers Series

Brandon Payne, Founder of Accelerate Basketball,
NBA Player Development Specialist, and
Personal Development Coach for Stephen Curry

Can you look in the mirror and acknowledge what you don’t do well? In this episode we hear from Brandon Payne, founder of Accelerate Basketball, whose roster includes more than $900 million of player salaries. Be inspired by his story and approach to high performance development as he discusses his goal of bridging the talent gap in professional sports, the power of philosophy & aiming for systematic daily improvement, and how Stephen Curry’s meteoric rise cemented the effectiveness of his approach.
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