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The Path Distilled features conversations with the world’s best performers and leaders, such as athletes, artists, coaches, CEOs, scientists, and thought leaders. The podcast features both an exploration of the shared human experience of striving for success and usable strategies for the aspirational listener. The result is a wildly entertaining and enlightening insight into the lives, stories, and minds of high performers. Meet the hosts.

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Abe Kamarck, CEO & Founder of True Made Foods


Do you get stuck on the emotional rollercoaster, too high with successes or too low with failures? In this episode Abe Kamarck shares his path from growing up on his family’s Italian cooking, to military officer, to founder and CEO of a successful startup company. He shares what he learned in flight school about preparing for the worst-case scenario, navigating the pressure of starting and growing a business, and how success is a moving target. This episode is full of great information for anyone pursuing their goals, from students to entrepreneurs. Learn more about Abe: Instagram, Twitter. Learn more about True Made Foods: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Bonus Debrief & Analysis – Nov. 25
Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with Abe Kamarck, CEO and Founder of True Made Foods. Highlights include their discussion about the role of serendipity in success, capitalizing on opportunities when they are presented, and making sure that one really wants the outcome being pursued. Kevin and Lauren also discuss the difference between routine- versus adaptive-expertise, and the need for training skills that can prepare one to work themselves out of difficult situations.

NOV 15

Lockwood Barr, Country Music Recording Artist


Is pushing yourself outside your comfort zone a theme in your life? In this episode Lockwood Barr shares her path from her first writing sessions after arriving in Nashville to becoming a successful artist. She discusses consistently pushing out of her comfort zone, fighting impostor syndrome, her first CMA festival as a performer, and touring for a living. Lockwood also shares the importance of addressing mental health needs and her efforts to bring awareness to, and advocate for, suicide prevention. Her story is inspiring and reminds us not to be deterred by rejections along our path.
Learn more about Lockwood: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


Brandon Barnett, Songwriter;
Founder, Left of Nashville Podcast Network


Would you walk away from a good living to take a shot at your dreams? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren speak with Brandon Barnett, whose path includes collaborating with one of Nashville’s best known songwriters to his true crime podcast that led to an arrest in a decades-old missing person cold-case. Brandon shares his experience of not giving up, the joy and stress of podcasting about cold cases, and the importance of having fun no matter what you pursue. He also talks about the realization that he had hundreds of thousands of listeners and his mantra of not putting out garbage just to release something. Learn more about Brandon: Instagram, Facebook.
Learn more about Left of Nashville: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Bonus Debrief & Analysis – Nov. 11
Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with Brandon Barnett, Songwriter and Founder of the Left of Nashville Podcast Network. Highlights include their discussion of how burnout can happen even when you love what you do, and that being extremely passionate about something possibly can lead to an even greater chance of it. Kevin and Lauren also discuss how draining the true-crime genre can be, how an idea without an investment goes nowhere, and the alliteration of Kevin’s self-designated nickname – bald Brad Pitt.


Amie Wells, Broadcasting Manager for the Tennessee Titans,
Cohost of Titans All Access


Are you coachable? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren speak with Amie Wells about her path from political science major to one of the media faces of an NFL team. Amie shares the lessons she learned as an intern for the Baltimore Ravens sharpening pencils for the offensive line, the importance of being coachable, and what it is like working around household names on a daily basis. In addition to an insider’s look at an NFL team, Amie’s episode is full of great advice for anyone looking to reach their goals and possibly land their dream job. Learn more about Amie: Instagram, Twitter

Bonus Debrief & Analysis – Nov. 4
Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with Amie Wells, Broadcasting Manager for the Tennessee Titans and Cohost of Titans All Access. Highlights include their discussion of the importance of sharing your goals with others, how a lot of people are willing to help you along the way, and the reason for not being shy when touting your accomplishments. Kevin and Lauren also discuss what modern networking looks like. 

OCT 25

Jonathan Avalos, Founder, Athletic Golf Fitness


Do you show people that you are invested in them? In this episode Kevin and Lauren speak with Jonathan Avalos about his path from using his background as an athlete to become a trainer to founding his own business specializing in physical fitness training for golfers. Listen to hear Jonathan’s advice on ignoring your thoughts telling you that you can’t do something, the importance of knowing the intent behind every movement, and how easy it is to fall into the trap of getting better at being average. He also shares the importance of leading when no one is watching and the important lesson he learned from his young sons about happiness. Learn more about Jonathan: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Learn more about Athletic Golf Fitness: Facebook, Instagram.  

OCT 18

Dr. Lea Ann Parsley, Olympic Silver Medalist, Former Firefighter and EMT, Registered Nurse and Health Educator, Valor Performance Coach


When you encounter something new, particularly something a little scary or risky, do you think “that looks awesome, I’ve got to try that?” In this episode, Dr. Lea Ann Parsley shares with us the life, sport, academic, and work experiences that led her to competing and earning a medal at the 2002 Olympic Games despite starting the sport just a few years prior in her 30s. She discusses being a multi-sport athlete, the influence of her upbringing and family, and how her work as a firefighter, a nurse, and an EMT helped her navigate the mental and physical aspects of skeleton. She also shares how a teammate earned her the second spot on the Olympic roster which, among other experiences, helped her learn the value of surrounding yourself with good people. Lea Ann shares many great takeaways including the value of keeping things in perspective and exploring lots of interests until you find what you’re good at and are passionate about, so you can push that as far as it goes to benefit not only yourself but others. Learn more about Lea Ann: Bio, Twitter

OCT 11

Tracy Tutor, Author, Fear is Just a Four Letter Word, and
Star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA


Are you able to embrace fear, put it aside, and nail that big opportunity or performance? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren speak with bestselling author and television star, Tracy Tutor. Tracy shares her path of entering the LA luxury home real estate market at a young age, and the drive and determination that it required. She also shares what she has learned about what it takes to be successful, how to get into the proper mindset during stressful situations, and the important lessons from failures along the way. This episode is full of great advice including resisting being silenced, being true to yourself, and not striving for perfection. 
Learn more about Tracy: Instagram, Twitter


Justin Causey, Entrepreneur and Music Artist Manager

Justin Causey Music Artist Manager

Are you willing to take the Ls in order to get to the Ws? In this episode we speak with Justin Causey about his experiences as an entrepreneur and artist manager in Nashville’s rising hip-hop music scene. Justin discusses his path in the music business, designing a shoe for Nike, and being named one of Tennessee State University’s 40 under 40. Listen to hear him share how a serious injury solidified his entrepreneurial approach, the rarity of finding a collective of artists moving forward together, and the importance of learning from failure. This episode is packed with motivational advice for anyone striving to live their dreams. Learn more about Justin: Instagram, Twitter

Bonus Debrief & Analysis – Oct. 11
Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with Nashville entrepreneur and artist manager, Justin Causey. Their analysis dives into the give and take of saying “yes” versus “no”–from the risk of taking on too much to the risk of missing an opportunity. They also touch on the power of a like-minded collective and ponder the relationship between participation in high-risk sports and the willingness to take chances in the artistic space. 

TPD Science of High Performance Series

Dr. David Eccles, Professor of Sport Psychology
Florida State University

Guest David Eccles Professor of Sport Psychology Science of High Performance

Do you have the patience to slow down enough in the midst of a high stakes situation to cultivate the best next move? Across two episodes we speak with Dr. Dave Eccles about his 20+ years of research on expert performance in a variety of domains. He describes research findings on how athletes plan ahead and simulate the competitive environment, his fascinating work on team coordination, and the impressive amounts of knowledge that orienteering athletes possess about navigating terrain. In Part 2, we explore his latest research into the role of rest in optimal performance, and discuss how not getting enough rest has been glamorized. This first installment of the Science of High Performance Series is packed with useful tips for everyone. Learn more about Dr. Eccles: Twitter

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