SEP 27 | >>PART 1 | PART 2 | SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE | Across two episodes Dr. Dave Eccles speaks about his research on expert performance, how athletes plan ahead, and team coordination. Part 2 explores the role of rest in optimal performance.
SEP 20 | >>BONUS | ENTERTAINMENT | Canoe slalom gold medalist and coach Joe Jacobi shares his philosophy on goals, the real difference maker in high performance, and the river is an excellent analogy for life.
SEP 13 | >>BONUS | ENTERTAINMENT | We discuss entertainer Brian Bates’ path from the corporate world to performing with world-class comedians and the work ethic required to make it in comedy.
SEP 6 | EDUCATION/RESEARCH | Dr. Emily Pica discusses overcoming adversity to become a well-known researcher and advocate. Her story will inspire anyone who ever has been determined to persevere.
AUG 30 | MUSIC | Musician Jeremy Tubbs shares his path from med student to touring artist—the support he received, his decision to make the leap, & what he learned from Carl Perkins about Elvis’ pre-show jitters.
AUG 23 | BUSINESS | Jennifer Farmer discusses her path—influences of early experiences, lessons learned along the way, and starting her own business—and being a black female professional.
AUG 16 | >>BONUS | SPORTS | Pro-quarterback coach Sean McEvoy discusses continuous improvement, genuine connections with others, & the “why” behind anything one does.
AUG 9 | MUSIC | Country artist Stephanie Quayle shares how she perseveres in difficult times and her refusal to change to fit the mold. You’ll never look at mile 19 of a marathon the same.
AUG 2 | >>BONUS | MAGIC | Brendon Peel became the youngest ticketed magician in South Africa after seeing mentalists perform. Now, he stars in the Travel Channel’s Magic Caught on Camera.
JULY 26 | MUSIC | Ripe & Ruin’s Gordon Domnick discusses success, hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time, the struggle of artistry and making a living, & the drive to be competitive.
JULY 19 | >>BONUS | PSYCHOLOGY/COACHING | Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin discusses impostor syndrome, what makes it more likely, how common it is, & her own experiences.
JULY 12 | BUSINESS | Consultant J.T. Compeau helps this clients identify their greatness and share it with others in speeches and presentations. We discuss with him how failure can become success.
JULY 5 | BUSINESS | Pro athletes turn to Alycia Powell to help with philanthropic goals. Hear her journey to this unique business and what she’s learning about herself during the pandemic. 
JUNE 28 | SPORTS/BUSINESS | Bryce Tully & Mike Bawol work at the highest level of sport. They discuss high performance, team culture, and Innerlogic, a new venture helping organizations drive success.
JUNE 21 | MUSIC | Garrett Jacobs wrote his first single the first time he visited Nashville. He tells us how he has matured as a songwriter & shares his father’s four keys to success guiding him along his own path.
JUNE 14 | ENTERTAINMENT | Desiree Page takes us on her journey from acting to management. Hear her advice for anyone thinking of a change… and about a childhood encounter with Sandra Bullock.
MAY 31 | COMEDY | From wrestling to comedy, Chris Killian has seen some career twists. He tells a fascinating story of the proverbial fork in the road, learning his craft, & not taking no for an answer.
MAY 24 | MUSIC | Recording & touring artist Logan Mize was rejected before landing a deal and success on his own terms. He offers advice for everyone pursuing their own goals.
MAY 17 | DANCE/BUSINESS | Dancer and entrepreneur Genevieve Custer Weeks discusses her path to dance, how it prepared her for business, and lessons in being a leader.
MAY 10 | SPORTS | Brandon Payne learned to look in the mirror & acknowledge what he isn’t doing well. His approach to coaching bridges the talent gap through systematic daily improvement.
MAY 8 | MUSIC | The path for Katie Cole brought her to the stage of the Smashing Pumpkins playing for almost 100,000-while recognizing fear & kicking open windows when doors close.
MAY 7 | SPORTS | Golf trainer Matt Palazzolo highlights autonomy & motivation, as well as research and strategy in his own life. He weaves those elements into his process to train others.
MAY 6 | PHILANTHROPY | Rondal Richardson defines his path from a life lesson as a child to tales from experiences with legends like Garth Brooks and Wynonna Judd.
MAY 5 | BUSINESS |  A path that took Inga Stasiulionyte to the Olympics prepared her to coach founders, teams, & athletes. She takes us through the mental shift that propelled her to a world record.
MAY 4 | MUSIC | Kevin Rapillo once felt the proverbial music industry door slam shut but is now music director and drummer with country star Rodney Atkins.