JULY 18 | BUSINESS/SPORTS | Jake Kelfer shares great advice as he talks about his path to creating a secondary combine for the NBA, becoming a bestselling author, trying to please everyone, & the art of asking the right questions.
JULY 4 | MEDIA | Gentry Estes talks about his path to becoming a well-known sports columnist. We hear about challenges faced, the importance of work ethic, & the need to honor the opportunities one is given. He also shares his philosophy of digging deeper into a story to give the audience something they don’t already know.
JUNE 20 | EDUCATION | Researcher Emily Teti covers her path from a small school to finding her place in STEM, the importance of learning with no fear of being wrong, the guidance & lessons from her family, & her experiences with impostor syndrome as a woman in STEM.
JUNE 6 | BONUS | SPORTS | World Champion Blaine Sumner discusses the importance of overcoming injuries & being incorrectly viewed as a “genetic freak,” as well as his systemic approach to goals, the mental aspect of reaching the top, & what it is like to lift 1,000+ lbs.
MAY 16 | BONUS | PANEL DISCUSSION | Our first panel discussion focuses on goals & goal setting & features Olympic gold medalist Joe Jacobi & sport & performance psychology expert Dr. Adam Naylor for great perspective for anyone who has ever set or is pursuing a goal.
MAY 2 | SPORTS | Athlete Lauren Regula tells us about the need to personalize training, having conversations with coaches while being coachable, & struggling with mental health. Her stories of founding the Strong Mom Movement & returning to the mound is full of great advice.
Producer AB Eastwood on stage-play image-click to episode download page
APR 18 | MUSIC | AB Eastwood discusses his path from meeting music legends to being an in-demand producer. He shares the importance of learning one’s craft, the reality of the music industry, & how he felt when national attention started coming his way.
APR 4 | PHILANTHROPY | Author, nonprofit founder, & speaker Cody Byrns describes the impact of a near fatal car crash, the importance of mindset, & recognizing that you can’t change the past. He also tells us about the similarities between physical & emotional scars.
Tyler Lee Frush Musician Play button image on episodes page links to play optons
MAR 21 | BONUS | MUSIC | Musician Tyler Lee Frush talks about his path navigating the industry, the difference between wanting to be a musician & wanting to be famous, & the importance of taking the gigs no one else will do when getting started & the freedom that gives you to get over early performance mistakes.
Guitarist and Couch Riffs host Mike Squires plays on stage, episodes play link
MAR 7 | >>BONUS | ENTERTAINMENT | Guitarist & podcast host Mike Squires talks about his path to touring with music legends – his drive to make music, the importance of practicing with musicians better than you, & the pitfall of having goals but not putting in the work.
FEB 21 | >>BONUS | BUSINESS | Elise Holtzman, attorney, coach, & consultant for lawyers, shares her path to becoming a lawyer & how becoming a parent led to her becoming a coach. She shares how she’s learning to be a human being not just a human doing & the value of self-acceptance. 
FEB 7 | >>BONUS | MUSIC | Artist The BlackSon shares his path from poetry slams to the hip hop stage & discusses constantly creating, channeling nervous energy, & specifying where you want to be in 30 days. Great advice for anyone looking to be better or break goals into manageable parts.
DEC 20 | MUSIC | Musician Sean Kelly shares his path to being a member of Grammy-nominated band Sixpence None the Richer, and discusses making it in the music industry, touring on a bus for the first time, and the roller coaster ride along the way.
DEC 13 | >>BONUS | SPORTS | Olympic fencers Felicia & Iris Zimmermann grew up competing in the sport of fencing before co-owning the Rochester Fencing Club training others. They discuss their paths as high performing athletes & entrepreneurs, & their definitions of success.
DEC 6 | SPORTS | Author Mark Williams shares his path to expert on human performance, discusses the tremendous growth in the use of science applied to sport, & discusses his newest book on elite athletes.
NOV 22 | >>BONUS | BUSINESS | Entrepreneur Abe Kamarck shares his path from growing up on Italian cooking to founding a successful startup. He discusses life lessons from flight school, the pressure of leading a business, & how success is a moving target.
NOV 15 | MUSIC | Country artist Lockwood Barr shares her path from her first writing sessions in Nashville to successful artist, & discusses pushing out of her comfort zone, the importance of addressing mental health, & her advocacy for suicide prevention.
NOV 8 | >>BONUS | ENTERTAINMENT | Songwriter & podcaster Brandon Barnett shares the joys & stress of covering cold cases, the importance of fun no matter what you pursue, & his mantra of not putting out garbage just to release something.
NOV 1 | >>BONUS | MEDIA | NFL broadcaster Amie Wells shares lessons from time as an intern for the Baltimore Ravens, the importance of being coachable, & what it is like working around household names on a daily basis. She has great advice for anyone looking to reach their goals & even land their dream job.
OCT 25 | SPORTS | Golf trainer Jonathan Avalos discusses being an athlete & founding his own training business. He also shares the importance of leading when no one is watching and the lessons he learned from his young sons about happiness.
OCT 18 | SPORTS | Dr. Lea Ann Parsley shares experiences that led her to a medal in the 2002 Olympics despite starting the sport just a few years prior. A multi-sport athlete, firefighter, nurse, & an EMT, she shares great takeaways to help you benefit not only yourself but others.
OCT 11 | REAL ESTATE | Author & television star Tracy Tutor discusses what it takes to be successful in the LA real estate market. She offers great advice about being true to yourself & not striving for perfection.
OCT 4 | >>BONUS | BUSINESS/MUSIC | Justin Causey discusses the music business, designing for Nike, & being named as one of 40 under 40. He shares the impact of a serious injury & the importance of learning from failure.
SEP 27 | >>PART 1 | PART 2 | SCIENCE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE | Across two episodes Dr. Dave Eccles speaks about his research on expert performance, how athletes plan ahead, & team coordination. Part 2 explores the role of rest in optimal performance.
SEP 20 | >>BONUS | SPORTS | Canoe slalom gold medalist & coach Joe Jacobi shares his philosophy on goals, the real difference maker in high performance, & the river is an excellent analogy for life.
SEP 13 | >>BONUS | ENTERTAINMENT | We discuss entertainer Brian Bates’ path from the corporate world to performing with world-class comedians & the work ethic required to make it in comedy.
SEP 6 | EDUCATION/RESEARCH | Dr. Emily Pica discusses overcoming adversity to become a well-known researcher & advocate. Her story will inspire anyone who ever has been determined to persevere.
Jeremy Tubbs Play image
AUG 30 | MUSIC | Musician Jeremy Tubbs shares his path from med student to touring artist—the support he received, his decision to make the leap, & what he learned from Carl Perkins about Elvis’ pre-show jitters.
AUG 23 | BUSINESS | Jennifer Farmer discusses her path—influences of early experiences, lessons learned along the way, & starting her own business—and being a black female professional.
AUG 16 | >>BONUS | SPORTS | Pro-quarterback coach Sean McEvoy discusses continuous improvement, genuine connections with others, & the “why” behind anything one does.
AUG 9 | MUSIC | Country artist Stephanie Quayle shares how she perseveres in difficult times & her refusal to change to fit the mold. You’ll never look at mile 19 of a marathon the same.
AUG 2 | >>BONUS | MAGIC | Brendon Peel became the youngest ticketed magician in South Africa after seeing mentalists perform. Now, he stars in the Travel Channel’s Magic Caught on Camera.
JULY 26 | MUSIC | Ripe & Ruin’s Gordon Domnick discusses success, hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time, the struggle of artistry and making a living, & the drive to be competitive.
JULY 19 | >>BONUS | PSYCHOLOGY/COACHING | Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin discusses impostor syndrome, what makes it more likely, how common it is, & her own experiences.
JULY 12 | BUSINESS | Consultant J.T. Compeau helps this clients identify their greatness and share it with others in speeches and presentations. We discuss with him how failure can become success.
JULY 5 | BUSINESS | Pro athletes turn to Alycia Powell to help with philanthropic goals. Hear her journey to this unique business & what she’s learning about herself during the pandemic. 
JUNE 28 | SPORTS/BUSINESS | Bryce Tully & Mike Bawol work at the highest level of sport. They discuss high performance, team culture, & Innerlogic, a new venture helping organizations drive success.
JUNE 21 | MUSIC | Garrett Jacobs wrote his first single the first time he visited Nashville. He tells us how he has matured as a songwriter & shares his father’s four keys to success guiding him along his own path.
JUNE 14 | ENTERTAINMENT | Desiree Page takes us on her journey from acting to management. Hear her advice for anyone thinking of a change… and about a childhood encounter with Sandra Bullock.
MAY 31 | COMEDY | From wrestling to comedy, Chris Killian has seen some career twists. He tells a fascinating story of the proverbial fork in the road, learning his craft, & not taking no for an answer.
MAY 24 | MUSIC | Recording & touring artist Logan Mize was rejected before landing a deal and success on his own terms. He offers advice for everyone pursuing their own goals.
MAY 17 | DANCE/BUSINESS | Dancer & entrepreneur Genevieve Custer Weeks discusses her path to dance, how it prepared her for business, & lessons in being a leader.
MAY 10 | SPORTS | Brandon Payne learned to look in the mirror & acknowledge what he isn’t doing well. His approach to coaching bridges the talent gap through systematic daily improvement.
MAY 8 | MUSIC | The path for Katie Cole brought her to the stage of the Smashing Pumpkins playing for almost 100,000-while recognizing fear & kicking open windows when doors close.
MAY 7 | SPORTS | Golf trainer Matt Palazzolo highlights autonomy & motivation, as well as research and strategy in his own life. He weaves those elements into his process to train others.
MAY 6 | PHILANTHROPY | Rondal Richardson defines his path from a life lesson as a child to tales from experiences with legends like Garth Brooks & Wynonna Judd.
MAY 5 | BUSINESS |  A path that took Inga Stasiulionyte to the Olympics prepared her to coach founders, teams, & athletes. She takes us through the mental shift that propelled her to a world record.
MAY 4 | MUSIC | Kevin Rapillo once felt the proverbial music industry door slam shut but is now music director & drummer with country star Rodney Atkins.