MAY 31 | COMEDY | From wrestling to comedy, Chris Killian has seen his share of career twists. He tells his fascinating story about the proverbial fork in the road, learning his craft, and not taking “no” as an answer.
MAY 24 | MUSIC | Logan Mize is a successful recording and touring artist, but he was rejected repeatedly before landing a deal and finding success on his own terms. His life advice is for anyone pursuing their own goals.
Dancer-turned-entrepreneur Genevieve Custer Weeks discusses her career path to professional dance, how it prepared her for business, and lessons in being a leader.
MAY 10 | SPORTS | Brandon Payne learned to look in the mirror & acknowledge what he isn’t doing well. His approach to coaching bridges the talent gap in pro sports through systematic daily improvement.
MAY 8 | MUSIC | The path for Katie Cole brought her to the U.S. & the stage of the Smashing Pumpkins–all while recognizing fear and kicking open windows when doors closes; then playing a stage for almost 100,000.
MAY 7 | SPORTS | Renowned golf trainer Matt Palazzolo highlights the roles of autonomy & motivation, as well as research & strategy in his own life. He weaves those same elements into his process for training others for success.
MAY 6 | MUSIC/PHILANTHROPY |  Rondal Richardson defines his path from a childhood story that became a lesson to live by to tales from his music industry experiences with giants like Garth Brooks & Wynonna Judd.
MAY 5 | BUSINESS |  A path that took Inga Stasiulionyte to the Olympics prepared her to coach founders, teams, & athletes to superior results. Her story takes us through the mental shift that propelled her to a world record.
MAY 4 | MUSIC | Kevin Rapillo once felt the proverbial music industry door slam shut but is now music director & drummer with country star Rodney Atkins. His insights are enlightening for anyone striving for success.